Most Popular Loungefly Backpack for Disney World (2023)


Wondering which are the most popular Loungefly backpacks for Disney World?

The most popular Loungefly backpacks at Disney are those that celebrate a special event, for example, the 50th Anniversary Grand Finale backpack or The Little Mermaid Live Action backpack.

If there’s one thing that can add a touch of magic to your Disney World trip, it’s the perfect accessory. And for Disney-loving fashionistas like myself, there’s no accessory quite as enchanting as a Disney Loungefly backpack.

Bright, whimsical, and effortlessly chic, these backpacks make the ideal companion for a day spent exploring the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or any other Disney park.

2023’s most popular Loungefly backpacks for Disney:

✔️ 50th Anniversary Grand Finale
✔️ The Little Mermaid Live Action Loungefly

Classic Loungefly backpacks that never go out of style:

✔️ Sequined Minnie Mouse
✔️ Old School Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Grand Finale

As a celebration of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, this Loungefly mini-backpack truly captures the magic of the milestone.

The backpack dazzles with a stunning gold and navy blue color scheme, showcasing iconic park attractions and Mickey Mouse in an intricate, sequined design, offering a stylish homage to five decades of unforgettable Disney memories.

✔️ View the 50th Anniversary Mini Backpack on Amazon

The Little Mermaid Live Action Loungefly

The Little Mermaid Live Action Loungefly backpack beautifully captures the charm of the revamped classic with a vibrant underwater design.

I was so excited to see this beautiful backpack come out with the release of the live action Little Mermaid movie! (By the way – if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend! It was my favorite live-action adaptation so far!)

Its shimmering sequins reflect Ariel’s iconic mermaid tail, while detailed depictions of the live-action characters offer a fresh and fashionable take on this beloved Disney tale.

✔️ View the Little Mermaid Mini Backpack on Amazon

What Are Loungefly Backpacks?

Loungefly backpacks are cute, mini “purse-like” bags that are popular with girls and women, especially to wear at Disney World.

If you’re a nerd for Disney, you definitely have at least one of these backpacks.

In this blog post, I’m going to showcase some of my favorite designs and discuss why the Loungefly backpack reigns supreme as the most popular accessory for Disney World visitors in 2023.

The Best Disney Loungefly Backpacks

Mickey Mouse Allover Classic Standing

This Loungefly backpack features a playful pattern of the iconic Mickey Mouse in his classic standing pose.

The timeless black, white, and red color scheme evokes a sense of nostalgia while offering a stylish tribute to Disney’s most beloved character.

✔️ View the Mickey Mouse Mini Backpack on Amazon

Minnie Mouse Sequined – Black with Red Bow

This dazzling backpack steals the spotlight with its sequined black design adorned with Minnie Mouse’s signature red bow.

The combination of sparkle and classic Disney charm makes it a standout piece for any Loungefly or Disney enthusiast.

✔️ View the Sequined Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack on Amazon

2023’s most popular Loungefly backpacks for Disney:

✔️ 50th Anniversary Grand Finale
✔️ The Little Mermaid Live Action Loungefly

Classic Loungefly backpacks that never go out of style:

✔️ Sequined Minnie Mouse
✔️ Old School Mickey Mouse

New Disney Loungefly Backpacks

Year of the Rabbit Lunar New Year 2023

rabbit lunar new year loungefly backpack

Celebrating the Lunar New Year, this Loungefly backpack features a delightful Year of the Rabbit design.

Its rich colors and intricate details pay tribute to this festive occasion, making it a unique addition to any collection.

✔️ View the Rabbit Lunar New Year Mini Backpack on Ebay

Orange Bird – EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival 2023

This Loungefly backpack blossoms with the cheer of EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival, featuring the cute and quirky Orange Bird.

Its vibrant design, sprinkled with flowers and citrus elements, encapsulates the festival’s spirit and serves as a wonderful memento of the 2023 event.

✔️ View the Orange Bird Mini Backpack on Ebay

Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie

This Loungefly backpack harkens back to Mickey’s debut in Steamboat Willie with a black and white design.

The timeless aesthetic pays homage to the iconic character’s roots, making it a true classic in any Disney collection.

✔️ View the Steamboat Willie Mini Backpack on Amazon

More Disney Backpacks by Loungefly

Tinker Bell – Tattoo Print

This unique Tinker Bell Loungefly bag infuses a traditional tattoo print design with the whimsy of Neverland’s beloved fairy.

The vibrant colors and intricate detailing capture Tinker Bell’s spirited character in an edgy, yet charming way.

✔️ View the Tinkerbell Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Lilo and Stitch – Hawaiian print

Showcasing everyone’s favorite alien duo, this backpack features Stitch amidst a Hawaiian floral backdrop.

The playful design, steeped in the warmth of ‘ohana’, perfectly encapsulates the heart of Lilo and Stitch.

✔️ View the Stitch Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Disney Cats

Purrfect for cat and Disney lovers alike, this Loungefly backpack features a collection of Disney’s most iconic feline characters.

The vibrant, detailed design is a tribute to these often overlooked, yet equally beloved characters.

✔️ View the Disney Cats Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Up Disney

This Loungefly backpack perfectly embodies the spirit of adventure from Disney’s Up.

Its colorful design features the iconic house with balloons, along with Russell, Carl, and Dug, inviting you to embark on your own unforgettable journey.

✔️ View the Up Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

More of the The Best Disney Loungefly Bags

Disney Parks Chibi

Packed with adorable chibi versions of your favorite Disney characters, this backpack is an absolute delight.

Its playful design reflects the fun and excitement of a day at the Disney Parks.

✔️ View the Chibi Disney Parks Mini Backpack on Amazon

Alice in Wonderland

Step into a world of whimsy with this Loungefly backpack featuring chibi versions of Alice in Wonderland characters.

The design is as enchanting as Alice’s adventures, taking you down the rabbit hole each time you wear it.

✔️ View the Alice in Wonderland Mini Backpack on Amazon

Princess Sidekicks

The Princess Sidekicks Loungefly backpack celebrates the unsung heroes of Disney’s fairytales.

It’s a colorful, playful tribute to those loyal companions who add so much charm and humor to our favorite stories.

✔️ View the Princess Sidekicks Mini Backpack on Amazon

The Most Popular Disney Loungefly Bags for Your Trip

Minnie Mouse Sequin – Rose Gold

Radiating with a soft, elegant glow, this rose gold sequined Loungefly bag features Minnie’s iconic bow and ears.

It’s a stylish and chic accessory that adds a dash of Disney magic to any outfit.

✔️ View the Rose Gold Sequin Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Star Wars: A New Hope

Perfect for any Star Wars enthusiast, this backpack celebrates the film that started it all, A New Hope.

Its intricate design features iconic scenes and characters from the movie, ensuring the Force is always with you.

✔️ View the New Hope Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Toy Story – Woody and Bo Peep

This heartwarming Loungefly backpack features Toy Story’s beloved duo, Woody and Bo Peep.

The design encapsulates their charming love story, making it an absolute must-have for Toy Story fans.

✔️ View the Toy Story Loungefly Backpack on Amazon


Step into Agrabah with this Aladdin Loungefly backpack.

The design is as magical as a ride on the magic carpet, featuring beloved characters and scenes from this classic Disney film.

✔️ View the Aladdin Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Even More Popular Disney Loungefly Bags

The Aristocats – Kittens on the Piano

This Loungefly backpack captures a charming scene from The Aristocats with the kittens on a piano.

The detailed, playful design is sure to strike a chord with fans of this classic Disney film.

✔️ View The Aristocats Mini Backpack on Amazon

Black Panther: Okoye Cosplay

Celebrating the fierce warrior Okoye from Black Panther, this Loungefly backpack showcases her distinctive Dora Milaje uniform.

It’s a powerful accessory that embodies the spirit of Wakanda.

✔️ View the Black Panther Loungefly Backpack on Amazon


This enchanting Bambi-themed Loungefly backpack features our beloved fawn amidst a floral and forest design.

It’s a sweet, nostalgic piece that reminds us of the gentle charm of this classic Disney tale.

✔️ View the Bambi Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Favorite Disney Loungefly Bags for People Going to Disney

Disney Villains

This Loungefly backpack pays tribute to Disney’s most notorious villains.

Its darkly glamorous design, featuring characters like Maleficent, Ursula, and the Evil Queen, offers a wickedly stylish way to celebrate your love for these compelling characters.

✔️ View the Disney Villains Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Mary Poppins

Perfectly capturing the charm and magic of Disney’s most famous nanny, this Mary Poppins Loungefly bag features detailed imagery from the classic film.

It’s practically perfect in every way, just like Mary Poppins herself.

✔️ View the Mary Poppins Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Winnie the Pooh

This Loungefly backpack brings the Hundred Acre Wood to life with a delightful design featuring Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

The colorful, nostalgic design is a heartwarming tribute to these timeless characters.

✔️ View the Winnie the Pooh Loungefly Backpack on Amazon

Best Backpacks for Princess Fans (Alphabetical)


Reflecting the spirit of Princess Merida, this Brave Loungefly backpack features an intricate design inspired by her fiery hair and Scottish heritage.

It’s a powerful accessory that celebrates the courage and independence of this beloved Disney heroine.

✔️ View the Brave Mini Backpack on Amazon


This Cinderella Loungefly backpack perfectly encapsulates the magic of this timeless fairytale.

Its design, featuring Cinderella’s iconic glass slipper and magical pumpkin carriage, is a dream come true for any fan.

✔️ View the Cinderella Mini Backpack on Amazon

Beauty & the Beast

This Loungefly backpack is as enchanting as the tale it represents, featuring an elegant design inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The intricate imagery, including Belle and the Beast dancing, makes it a timeless accessory.

✔️ View the Beauty and the Beast Mini Backpack on Amazon

The Princess & the Frog

This Loungefly backpack features a vibrant design inspired by The Princess and the Frog.

Its lively colors and detailed depiction of Tiana and her magical New Orleans journey make it a charming addition to any Disney collection.

✔️ View the Princess Tiana Mini Backpack on Amazon


This Tangled Loungefly backpack captures the spirit of adventure and romance from the film.

The design features an intricately detailed scene of Rapunzel and Flynn aboard their lantern-lit boat, making it a magical accessory for any Disney fan.

✔️ View the Tangled Mini Backpack on Amazon

Do adults use Loungefly backpacks?

Yes! In fact, Loungefly primarily targets Millennials in their marketing campaigns, with their many 90s nostalgia collections.

Like so many parents, I spent the first few years of parenthood prioritizing the needs and wants of my kids above my own.

Every time I saw an adorable Disney backpack, I would tell myself, “No, those are not necessary. I should spend this money on the kids or on things we actually need.”

When I finally started making a little extra money , I decided it was time to start treating myself, and what better way to do this than by indulging my love for all things Disney?

How Popular Are the Loungefly Backpacks at Disney World?

Well, let me tell you, Loungefly backpacks at Disney World have truly taken center stage.

When we visited the parks in the winter of 2022/2023, it was impossible not to notice how many dang Loungefly backpacks there were… And hardly a repeat design to be seen.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that nearly every woman and teen girl there sported one of these Disney-themed bags.

What really stood out to me was the diversity in the designs. While the sequin Minnie Mouse backpacks with the signature bow were clearly a fan favorite, they were far from the only choice.

I was genuinely impressed by the range of characters represented, which covered everything from beloved classics to newer additions to the Disney family.

Whether decked out in sequins or showcasing a favorite character, these Loungefly backpacks are as much a part of the Disney World experience as the rides and attractions themselves.

How do I choose my first Disney Loungefly Backpack?

Choosing your first Disney Loungefly backpack can be overwhelming- you want it to be just right!

But no worries, I’m here to help guide you through the process.

👉 Your Fave Disney Character or Theme: Think about your favorite Disney character, movie, or theme. Maybe you’re a huge ‘The Little Mermaid’ fan, or perhaps ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is more your vibe. Whatever it is, let it guide your choice. Trust me, there’s probably a Loungefly backpack for it!

👉 Personal Style: While Disney fandom is crucial, don’t forget about your personal style. Are you into glittery sequins or do you prefer subtle faux leather? Loungefly bags come in all kinds of materials and designs, so make sure to pick one that aligns with your fashion sense.

👉 Budget: While we’d all love to splurge on the rarest Loungefly out there, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Some limited edition or high-demand backpacks can fetch higher prices, but there are plenty of beautiful, budget-friendly options available too.

👉 Lastly, Follow Your Heart: It might sound cheesy, but it’s true! Your first Loungefly should make your heart flutter every time you see it, just like the first time you watched your favorite Disney movie.

Where to Buy

When you’re on the hunt for a Loungefly bag, you’re in luck because these stylish accessories are readily available both online and in numerous physical locations.

What Online Stores Sell Loungefly Products?

The first place to look is, of course, the Loungefly website itself. They have a broad range of designs and styles, including some online exclusives you won’t find elsewhere.

Apart from the official site, you can also find Loungefly products on various online retail platforms. These include Disney’s own online store, ShopDisney, which has an extensive Loungefly selection covering many beloved Disney characters.

Other reputable retailers include Amazon and Hot Topic, both of which offer a considerable range of Loungefly designs.

Where to Buy Loungefly at Disney World?

Many stores within Disney World carry a selection of these bags (it’s no wonder- they make fantastic gifts!).

Check out the Emporium on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom or Mouse Gear at EPCOT. You might even find some park-exclusive designs to add a special touch to your collection!

Where to Buy Loungefly at Disneyland in California?

Just like its Floridian counterpart, Disneyland Resort in California offers numerous locations where you can buy Loungefly bags.

World of Disney in Downtown Disney District, as well as the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A., are just a couple of the many shops where you can spot these fashionable backpacks.

Other Theme Parks that Sell Loungefly Bags?

Loungefly bags have gained popularity far beyond just Disney parks. You can also find them in other theme parks like Universal Studios.

Their retail shops usually carry designs themed around their own franchises, such as Harry Potter or Jurassic Park.

Additionally, Loungefly also collaborates with other franchises and companies outside of Disney, creating themed bags for Star Wars, Sanrio, Marvel, and many more, which can be found in their respective parks and online stores.

Your Questions about the Mini Backpacks

Navigating the world of Loungefly mini backpacks can be both exciting and a bit confusing, especially if you’re new to the brand. Here are some common questions to help you get started:

Why are Loungefly Products Collectors Items?

Loungefly bags have achieved a cult-like status among Disney fans for several reasons. Firstly, the exceptional quality, unique designs, and variety of characters and themes they offer make them instantly recognizable and highly sought after.

Secondly, Loungefly often releases limited-edition designs or exclusives for specific events, parks, or retailers.

These limited runs not only create a sense of urgency to “grab it before it’s gone,” but they also make each bag feel special and unique.

What Fits Inside a Loungefly Mini Backpack?

Despite being termed as “mini,” you’ll be surprised at how much these backpacks can hold! The interior space is designed to be used effectively, and there’s usually a front pocket and side pockets for additional storage.

Typically, you can fit essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, and a small snack.

If you’re at a theme park, they can comfortably hold a pair of Minnie Mouse ears, a park map, a portable phone charger, and small souvenirs. Some people even manage to fit a water bottle or a small umbrella!

More Questions about the Value of Loungefly Backpacks

The world of Loungefly backpacks is more than just adorable and themed accessories; it’s a realm of valuable and often rare collectibles.

Here’s some insight into the value of these sought-after bags:

Which Loungefly bags are rare?

The rarity of a Loungefly bag often depends on the edition and the number of units produced. Limited edition, exclusive collaborations, and park-specific designs are usually the most rare and sought-after.

For instance, bags that were released exclusively for an event like D23 Expo or those that represent a niche character or theme can become quite rare over time.

In recent years, some of the rarest bags have included the Disney Parks Exclusive Haunted Mansion Wallpaper backpack, the Star Wars Tatooine Convertible Mini Backpack, and the Cinderella 70th Anniversary backpack, among others.

These collections were produced in limited quantities, and once they sold out, they were not restocked, thereby increasing their rarity.

Do Loungefly backpacks go up in value?

Loungefly backpacks can indeed appreciate in value, particularly the rare and limited edition designs.

The fact that many designs are only available for a limited time or exclusive to certain locations often results in increased demand, which can drive prices up on the resale market.

It’s not uncommon to see a Loungefly bag that originally retailed for around $70-$80 be resold for acouple hundred dollars, especially if the design is sought after and hard to find.

Why are Loungefly backpacks expensive?

While some might consider Loungefly backpacks on the pricier side, it’s essential to remember that they’re not just backpacks; they’re pieces of wearable art that reflect the spirit of Disney and other popular franchises.


It’s natural to have queries and curiosities when diving into the enchanting world of Loungefly backpacks. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Why are Loungefly backpacks so popular?

The popularity of Loungefly backpacks can be attributed to a mix of factors. At their core, they blend function with fashion in a uniquely appealing way.

These backpacks are more than just bags; they’re an extension of personal style and fandom. From classic Disney characters to modern heroes, there’s a design for every fan. Their intricate, detailed designs celebrate beloved franchises and allow wearers to showcase their favorite characters and themes, thereby forming a deeper connection with fellow fans.

Additionally, the brand’s reputation for quality and the collectibility of limited-edition designs add to their allure. The release of new styles and themes keeps the excitement alive, as there’s always something new to look forward to.

Are the Loungefly backpacks on Amazon real?

Yes, Amazon does sell authentic Loungefly backpacks.

Check the seller’s ratings, read customer reviews, and look closely at the product photos. If the price seems too good to be true, it might be a counterfeit.

Final Thoughts on Popular Disney Backpacks by Loungefly

For a long time, Disney Loungefly backpacks were simply something I admired from afar. I loved the way they combined the playful charm of Disney characters with practicality and style, yet they seemed like an indulgence I couldn’t justify. After all, there were always more pressing things to spend my hard-earned “adult money” on.

However, as I hit 30, I began to realize something crucial. While it’s incredibly important to provide for my children and take care of responsibilities, it’s equally important to cater to my wants and interests too.

After all, there’s more to life than just working and fulfilling obligations. There should be room for joy, fun, and yes, even the occasional splurge on something that might seem extravagant.

Whether you’re starting your collection or adding to it, there’s always a Loungefly backpack that’s ready to add a sprinkle of pixie dust to your day. Happy collecting!