How to Become a Disney Influencer

In the realm of social media and digital influence, being a Disney influencer has emerged as a dream-come-true for many Disney enthusiasts looking to monetize their favorite hobby.

If you want to know how to become a Disney influencer who makes decent money, you should absolutely focus on blogging, NOT social media. Algorithms on social media change must faster and are much more complex than SEO, which is Search Engine Optimization for Google. Ultimately, you want direct access to your audience by growing an email list so that you can make the most money from your content.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Disney influencers, from qualifications and content creation to monetization strategies and beyond.

So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s embark on this explorative look at becoming a Disney influencer together!

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What is a Disney influencer?

A Disney influencer is an individual who uses various platforms to share their love for all things Disney, connecting with a dedicated community of followers who value their insights, experiences, and recommendations.

You can become a Disney influencer on social media (like Instagram and Tiktok) although I highly recommend blogging because it is more reliable, easier in terms of accessibility (you don’t have to hustle to create fresh content daily), and has more longevity.

What are the qualifications to become a Disney influencer?

Becoming a Disney influencer requires a genuine passion for Disney and an understanding of online marketing strategy.

You will need a considerable amount of time and dedication to invest in learning strategies for whatever platform your choose.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can get “discovered” on social media and become a success overnight. Anyone who makes money from their online business puts a generous amount of time and effort into it before they see success.

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How can I apply to become a Disney influencer?

To join the ranks of Disney influencers, you don’t need to apply directly to Disney itself.

Instead, focus on building your online presence and growing your audience through your chosen platforms.

If you try to master several traffic generating platforms, it can be really easy to stretch yourself thin and see no return for your effort. Instead, focus on thoroughly learning the strategies of 1-2 platforms.

It’s not just about showing up and creating compelling Disney-related content every day.

There are unique and always-evolving strategies that takes place on each platform (Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, SEO…) and you will have to thoroughly understand them in order to be successful.

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What will I be required to do as a Disney influencer?

As a Disney influencer, your role goes beyond simply sharing your love for all things Disney.

You’ll be tasked with creating engaging and compelling content that resonates with your audience – and most importantly, pleases the platform’s algorithms.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect to be required as a Disney influencer:

Adapting to Platform Trends

Social media platforms are ever-evolving, and as a Disney influencer, it’s important to adapt to the latest trends and features.

Keep an eye on platform updates, explore new content formats, and experiment with different creative approaches to engage your audience effectively.

Authentic Reviews and Recommendations

As a trusted Disney influencer, your audience will rely on your honest opinions and recommendations.

From reviewing Disney parks, merchandise, and dining options to sharing insider tips for making the most of a Disney vacation, your insights will help guide your followers’ experiences and enhance their love for Disney.

Audience Engagement

Building a loyal community requires active engagement with your audience. However, it can be really time consuming to do this on social media platforms.

Instead of responding to endless comments, addressing questions, and fostering meaningful conversations, dedicate time to building your email list. Then you can serve your audience directly through email, and have better access to selling them your products or offering them your affiliate links.

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborating with fellow Disney influencers can amplify your reach and provide fresh perspectives.

Seek opportunities to collaborate on content, joint projects, or promotional campaigns with other influencers who share your passion for Disney. Doing an email swap is a great way to build your list and your influence.

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What type of content will I be required to create as a Disney influencer?

As a Disney influencer, your content should reflect your unique voice and resonate with your audience.

Most importantly, however, it should “please” the platforms’ algorithm – or you risk never getting “discovered”.

Focus on one type of content for a single platform (blogging, videos, pictures) and strive to dominate that skill. Spreading yourself thin by trying to master MULTIPLE platforms will only lengthen the amount of time before you can monetize your business.

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How much can I expect to be paid as a Disney influencer?

As your influence grows, so do the opportunities to monetize your content.

Successful, established bloggers make thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month in the Disney niche.

Unsuccessful bloggers who refuse to invest time into learning their craft and the latest strategies will learn a whopping $0.

Remember, blogging is NOT a “get-rich-quick” scheme. It requires intense knowledge of your platform and a dedicated amount of time to build your brand.

The bigger your email list the more money you can make. That’s why I focus on blogging and list building over growing an audience on social media. I’d rather become an expert marketer than wait to be noticed by a brand.

Does Disney hire influencers?

Disney does not hire influencers, although they may give away exchanges like free tickets or merchandise. There’s no need to pay their influencers – people all over the world create content for free for the franchise!

Be wary of opportunities that only result in being paid in merchandise for collaborations. You want to be paid actual money so that you can grow your business and support yourself.

However, you don’t need to work directly with Disney to profit from your content. As I’ve mentioned before, blogging is the MOST reliable way to become an influencer of any kind because you can grow your email list and communicate with your audience directly.

A couple of way you can monetize your Disney blog include display ads, affiliate links, and email marketing to connect with your audience and generate revenue.

Creating a Dedicated Social Media Presence

There’s a big misconception that brands with huge social media presences make tons of money. They might, but it’s not through their social media audience.

If an influencer makes enough money to support themselves, they are most likely making their money from selling to their email list, NOT their Instagram or Tiktok audiences.

🔥 Hot Take: To establish yourself as a Disney influencer, building a dedicated social media presence is not essential.

If you want to make a career out of being an influencer, your main priority should be to grow your email list.

I recommend doing that via a blog (through SEO) because Google’s algorithm changes a lot less than social media platforms’ do.

Take Advantage of Your Platform

Each social media platform offers unique features and opportunities.

You will need thoroughly understand your platform’s algorithm in order to develop a successful audience building strategy.

Join Facebook groups (or better yet, take a course!) on the specific platform that you want to master and then dive all in. Remember, in the influencer game, a jack of all trades often means that you’re a master of none!

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Growing Your Following: Tips and Strategies

Expanding your follower base requires a combination of strategic efforts and organic growth.

Consider the following tips to grow your Disney influencer following:

🔑 Keywords: Utilize popular Disney keywords to increase the visibility of your blog posts. Research trending keywords related to Disney (using free SEO tools) and incorporate them strategically into your content. Realize that SEO is a long term game… It might frustrated some because of this, but it’s worth the investment.

🔑 Cross-Promotion: Collaborate with other Disney influencers to cross-promote each other’s content. This mutually beneficial arrangement exposes your content to new audiences and helps you reach Disney fans who may not have discovered you otherwise.

🔑 Invest in a course: find a reputable influencer who teaches people how to build an audience and invest in their course. It’s a lot faster (and more reliable) than looking at free advice on the internet.

Developing High-Quality Content: Enhancing Your Influence

Creating high-quality content is the key to establishing yourself as an influential Disney voice. Consider the following tips to enhance your content:

👉 User Intent: What is your audience really looking for? Determining user intent is the first step to creating content that answers your audience’s questions.

👉 Provide Value: Offer valuable information, tips, and recommendations that cater to the interests and needs of your audience. Become a go-to resource for all things Disney by sharing insider knowledge and insider tips.

Producing Good Content: The Key to Success

Quality is paramount when it comes to content production. Research your chosen platform to find out the variables that determine good content for its particular algorithm.

Depending on the platform you use, consistency may also be important. Youtube, for example, supposedly likes consistency as well as other social media platforms.

(Blogging is more about volume than consistency – another reason that I find it more accessible.)

👉 Content Calendar: Plan and organize your content in advance by creating a content calendar. This helps ensure a consistent posting schedule and enables you to brainstorm and curate content ideas effectively.

👉 Batch Content: many content creators prefer to “batch” content and then “drip” it out – that way they have some free time and aren’t tied to the computer every day.

Collaborating with Other Influencers: Expanding Your Reach

Collaborating with other Disney influencers can significantly expand your reach and introduce you to new audiences. Consider these strategies:

👉 Identify Like-minded Influencers: Find influencers whose content complements yours and resonates with your target audience. Reach out to them for potential collaboration opportunities, such as joint content creation, giveaways, or shoutouts. Emphasize how you can help them to get their buy-in.

👉 Guest Features: Invite fellow Disney influencers to guest feature on your platforms and vice versa. This cross-promotion allows both parties to tap into each other’s follower base and fosters a sense of community among Disney influencers.

Follow the Right Disney People: Building Connections

Building connections within the Disney community is crucial for networking and collaboration opportunities.

Here’s how to find and follow the right Disney people:

👉 Disney Hashtags: Follow popular Disney hashtags to discover and engage with fellow Disney influencers, fans, and relevant Disney accounts. That way you can model their content and learn from their success.

👉 Engage in Disney Communities: Join Disney-focused online communities, forums, and Facebook groups where like-minded individuals share their love for Disney. Learn what audiences are looking for in terms of questions, and provide that value for them in your content.

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Finding Sponsors: Building Partnerships

Building partnerships and finding sponsors can help monetize your influence as a Disney influencer.

Proactively reach out to Disney-related brands and companies that align with your content and values.

Showcase the value you can provide as an influencer, such as your engaged audience, creative ideas, and professional approach.

It Isn’t All About Size: Debunking Influencer Stereotypes

When it comes to being a Disney influencer, it’s important to debunk the stereotype that success is solely determined by follower count.

While having a large following can open doors to certain opportunities, you don’t need a mega social media following to build an audience and grow your income when you have a blog.

Having a blog is an underrated way to build your audience – sure, it’s not as glamorous as a mega social media following, but it’s a lot more reliable and allows you to easily collect emails which is the best way to market directly to your audience.

Should You Start Your Own Disney Blog?

If you’re a passionate Disney enthusiast looking to share your love for all things Disney, starting your own Disney blog can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor.

I HIGHLY recommend blogger over social media platforms as a more successful route to generating income. Although it’s said that only the top 1% of Youtubers make money, anyone with a blog with enough page views can make $1000+ a month through ads.

HOWEVER. Becoming a successful blogger is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes dedication to learning your new craft in order to be a successful, and income-generating, blogger.

SEO for Disney Bloggers

In order to be a successful blogger in ANY niche, you will need a thorough understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

👉 In simple terms, you need to know how to get Google to like your content so that it ranks on the first page.

SEO is a combination of a lot of strategies, but it’s not as technical as it sounds. (And it’s actually a lot easier than pleasing the finicky social media algorithms!)

Keyword Research

Instead of treating your blog like a journal, devote your time to creating content that people are actually searching for.

Conduct thorough keyword research to identify popular Disney-related search terms.

Incorporating these keywords strategically within your blog content, titles, and meta descriptions can help improve your visibility in search engine results and attract organic traffic.

Use free keyword research tools like SEMRush to determine what kind of blog posts to create.

How to Buy a Domain Name: Establishing Your Online Presence

To establish your online presence as a Disney blogger, securing a domain name is the first step. Here’s how you can go about it:

Research Domain Availability: Start by brainstorming potential domain names that align with your blog’s focus and brand identity. Conduct a search to check the availability of these domain names. Consider using domain registration platforms or web hosting providers to simplify the process.

Choose a Reliable Web Hosting Provider: Select a reputable web hosting provider that offers reliable services, website security, and good customer support. Research different hosting options and choose one that suits your specific needs and budget.

Register Your Domain: Once you’ve chosen a domain name and a web hosting provider, follow their registration process to secure your chosen domain name. This typically involves providing your personal information, selecting a hosting plan, and completing the registration payment.

Set Up Your Blog: After registering your domain, follow the hosting provider’s instructions to set up your blog. This may involve installing a content management system (CMS) like WordPress and customizing your blog’s appearance using themes and plugins.

How to Build & Make Money From Your Disney Website

Starting a Disney blog means producing high-quality content. Here are some strategies to help you monetize your Disney website:

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Display Ads: Monetizing Your Site

Display ads are a common way to generate revenue from your Disney website.

Join an Ad Network: After generating enough organic traffic (which will take you a while), you can join a reputable ad network like SheMedia or Mediavine.

If your blog makes a decent amount of traffic, then you can place ads on your site and generate income each time someone visits your site. Keep in mind that you won’t be accepted to the BEST ad networks until you meet a high threshold of visitors each month.

Affiliate Links: Earning Commission through Recommendations

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to monetize your Disney website. Follow these steps to incorporate affiliate links:

Join Affiliate Programs: Sign up for affiliate programs that align with your Disney niche. Disney’s own affiliate program, ShopDisney, is a good starting point. Additionally, consider partnering with other relevant brands or platforms that offer Disney-related products or services. I use Amazon’s affiliate program.

Create Compelling Recommendations: Write product reviews, travel guides, or Disney merchandise recommendations that include affiliate links. Focus on providing valuable insights and personal experiences to entice your audience to make purchases through your links.

Disclose Affiliate Relationships: Transparency is essential when using affiliate links. Clearly disclose your affiliate relationships to maintain trust with your audience. This can be done through a dedicated disclosure page and by including a disclaimer within each affiliate-related post.

Email Marketing: Engaging with Your Audience

Building an email list allows you to engage with your audience directly and is THE MOST valuable asset for generating income. (I know, because I’m a professional email marketer!)

Here’s how to utilize email marketing effectively:

  1. Offer Valuable Content: Provide exclusive content, Disney news, updates, or special offers to your email subscribers. Make it worth their while to join your mailing list by offering unique benefits and information.
  2. Promote Your Monetization Channels: Strategically incorporate links to your display ads, affiliate products, or sponsored content within your email newsletters. Craft compelling calls-to-action that encourage your subscribers to engage with these monetization channels.
  3. Nurture Relationships: Focus on building a genuine connection with your email subscribers. Engage in two-way communication by encouraging replies, addressing their questions or concerns, and providing personalized content recommendations.


How do you get noticed by Disney?

Although you don’t need to “get noticed by Disney” in order to be a successful Disney influencer, here are some tips to increase your chances of catching Disney’s attention:

Create High-Quality Disney Content: Produce consistent, engaging, and high-quality Disney-related content across your social media platforms or blog. Showcase your unique perspective, expertise, and passion for all things Disney.

Engage with Disney’s Official Channels: Actively engage with Disney’s official social media accounts by liking, commenting, and sharing their content. This can help you get noticed by Disney’s social media team and potentially lead to opportunities for collaboration or recognition.

Network with Fellow Disney Influencers: Connect and collaborate with other Disney influencers who have already established relationships with Disney. Networking within the Disney influencer community can provide valuable connections, recommendations, and insights into opportunities with Disney.

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How do you become a Disney Instagram?

Although I recommend blogging over social media for more consistent traffic, here are some steps to become a Disney Instagram influencer:

Focus on Disney Content: Create a clear niche or focus within the Disney theme. This could be centered around Disney parks, movies, merchandise, tips, or personal experiences. Find your unique angle and consistently produce high-quality content in line with that focus.

Engage with the Disney Community: Actively engage with fellow Disney enthusiasts, influencers, and fans by commenting, liking, and sharing their content. Participate in Disney-related conversations, utilize relevant hashtags, and foster meaningful connections within the Disney community.

Showcase Your Personality: Infuse your Instagram feed with your authentic personality and style. Share personal stories, experiences, and insights related to Disney. Allow your audience to connect with you on a personal level while sharing your love for Disney.

Who are the biggest Disney influencers?

The Disney influencer landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving. While it’s challenging to pinpoint the “biggest” Disney influencers definitively, here are some notable Disney influencers who have made a significant impact within the community:

DisneyFoodBlog: A popular blog and Instagram account that focuses on Disney food, dining experiences, and restaurant reviews.

TheTimTracker: A YouTube channel that follows the adventures of Tim and Jenn as they explore Disney parks, resorts, and provide valuable insights and tips.

DisneyStyle: Disney’s official style-focused Instagram account, showcasing fashion, merchandise, and Disney-inspired outfits.

Do Disney bloggers make money?

Yes, Disney bloggers can make money through various avenues.

Travel bloggers CAN make lots of money – with the right techniques. ➡️ See how in this free live training here.

Generating income through blogging, no matter the niche, is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It takes effort and an in-depth knowledge of SEO.

Depending on their reach, engagement, and monetization strategies, Disney bloggers can earn income through the following methods:

  1. Sponsored Content: Brands may collaborate with Disney bloggers for sponsored posts, reviews, or promotional campaigns in exchange for payment or compensation.
  2. Display Ads: By incorporating display ads on their blogs or websites, Disney bloggers can generate revenue through ad impressions and clicks.
  3. Affiliate Marketing: Disney bloggers can earn commissions by promoting Disney-related products, park tickets, or merchandise through affiliate links.
  4. Brand Partnerships: Collaborating with Disney or Disney-affiliated brands can lead to partnerships where bloggers are compensated for their contributions to marketing initiatives.
  5. Media Events and Press Trips: Established Disney bloggers may be invited to attend Disney media events or press trips, which are often sponsored by Disney or affiliated PR agencies.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, becoming a Disney influencer is an exciting journey for passionate Disney enthusiasts. Use this post on “how to become a Disney influencer” as a guide and you’ll be headed in the right direction.

Although many people think that building a strong social media presence is the best way to become a Disney influencer, I know through experience that blogging is a more reliable way to generate income.

With blogging, you can monetize your influence through strategies like display ads, affiliate links, and email marketing to turn your Disney passion into a rewarding and potentially profitable venture. (Keep in mind that blogging is NOT an over-night success thing, but it is a “change your life forever” thing!)

Whether you dream of attending Disney media events, partnering with Disney brands, or simply sharing the joy of Disney with a vibrant community, the possibilities are endless.